Winning Together – PMH Staff 50/50 Payroll Draw

PMH Staff 50/50 Payroll Draw

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The Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of “Winning Together” – PMH Staff 50/50 Payroll Draw.

The draw is open to all current staff of Prairie Mountain Health. Half of the bi-weekly prize pot goes to the winning PMH staff member. The other half goes to the BRHC Foundation for the purchase of equipment to benefit patients requiring care at BRHC from all across PMH.

Sign up for bi-weekly payroll deductions of: 1 ticket for $5; 3 tickets for $10; or 10 tickets for $20.

With 8,000 staff in the region, the payout could be HUGE!

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UPDATE: The 27th draw was held on July 29, 2020, and lucky winner Hailey Rusinowicz of Brandon, took home $7,485.00!! The next draw will be made on August 12, 2020.

Lottery License Number: LGCA 4606-RF-29288

Draw Rules

  1. This is a 50/50 payroll draw (LGCA license # 4606-RF-29288), 50 percent of cash goes to the winner, and 50 percent goes to the Brandon Regional Health Centre (BRHC) Foundation for the purchase of equipment (not covered by provincial funding) to benefit patients at the BRHC.
  2. Ticket purchases are made by payroll deduction by employees using an enrollment form (earnings must be made during each pay period to cover ticket costs).
  3. Ticket purchasers must work for PMH and be on PMH payroll to participate. (eg. Shared Health employees are not eligible to participate at this point).
  4. Ticket purchasers will receive electronic ticket confirmation on the Tuesday before each draw before midnight.
  5. One winner will be drawn on the Wednesday, following paydays, at 2:00 pm, in the atrium of the BRHC, beginning July 31, 2019.
  6. Draws will be done through the service provider, Funding Change, using random number generator, approved by LGCA.
  7. All winners will be notified by email and/or telephone.
  8. Prizes will be paid by cheque.
  9. Should a cheque not be cashed within 6 months from the draw date, the BRHC Foundation will add the unclaimed amount to the proceeds.
  10. Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible to enter.
  11. Ticket purchasers must reside in Manitoba.
  12. The BRHC Foundation must receive LGCA approval for any amendments to the draws.
  13. Staff of the BRHC Foundation are not allowed to participate.
  14. All inquiries about the 50/50 payroll draw should be directed to the Executive Director of the BRHC Foundation at 204-578-4226.

Frequently Asked Questions

Draw Dates

Bi-weekly draw dates and enrollment deadlines are provided below.

Draw DateEnrollment DeadlinePay PeriodPay Day
July 31, 20192019-07-12152019-07-26
August 14, 20192019-07-31162019-08-09
August 28, 20192019-08-14172019-08-23
September 11, 20192019-08-28182019-09-06
September 25, 20192019-09-11192019-09-20
October 9, 20192019-09-25202019-10-04
October 23, 20192019-10-09212019-10-18
November 6, 20192019-10-23222019-11-01
November 20, 20192019-11-06232019-11-15
December 4, 20192019-11-20242019-11-29
December 18, 20192019-12-04252019-12-13
January 2, 20202019-12-18262019-12-27
January 15, 20202020-01-0112020-01-10
January 29, 20202020-01-1522020-01-24
February 12, 20202020-01-2932020-02-07
February 26, 20202020-02-1242020-02-21
March 11, 20202020-02-2652020-03-06
March 25, 20202020-03-1162020-03-20
April 8, 20202020-03-2572020-04-03
April 22, 20202020-04-0882020-04-17
May 6, 20202020-04-2292020-05-01
May 20, 20202020-05-06102020-05-15
June 3, 20202020-05-20112020-05-29
June 17, 20202020-06-03122020-06-12
July 2, 20202020-06-17132020-06-26
July 15, 20202020-07-01142020-07-10
July 29, 20202020-07-15152020-07-24
August 12, 20202020-07-29162020-08-07
August 26, 20202020-08-12172020-08-21


Draw DateWinner's NameFacilityLocationAmount
July 31, 2019Ashley BrennanBrandon Region Health CentreBrandon$2,222.50
August 14, 2019Willeke van MeijlFairvew Personal Care HomeBrandon$2,350.00
August 28, 2019Darlene LyonsTri-Lake Health Centre and Bayside PCHKillarney$2,905.00
September 11, 2019Valerie BrownBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$3,162.50
September 25, 2019Tara TaylorMental Health ServicesBrandon$3,345.00
October 9, 2019Nicomi CurrahBrandon Regional Health CentreCarberry$3,532.50
October 23, 2019Mary ManzBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$3,792.50
November 6, 2019Judy EvachewskiBrandon Regional Health CentreCarberry$3,955.00
November 20, 2019Jackie SucharynaBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$4,210.00
December 4, 2019Jennifer GabouryBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$4,495.00
December 18, 2019Lindsay MatthewsonBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$4,755.00
January 2, 2020Bobbie-Jo TaggartCommunity - Home CareBrandon$5,095.00
January 15, 2020Julianne PabuayonSouris HospitalSouris$5,202.50
January 29, 2020Teresa ChapinBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$5,297.50
February 12, 2020Michael-John DomanowskiSwan River Health CentreSwan River$5,537.50
February 26, 2020Reynaldo GuralBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$5,802.50
March 11, 2020Paula DiazBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$5,882.50
March 25, 2020Michelle SmithsonBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$6,170.00
April 8, 2020Myrene SarmientoBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$6,225.00
April 22, 2020Charlyne WisemanBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$6,242.50
May 6, 2020Michael-John DomanowskiSwan River Health CentreSwan River$6,295.00
May 20, 2020Christina PerilloBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$6,345.00
June 3, 2020Colleen FunkCommunity HealthBrandon$6,682.50
June 17, 2020Melissa DyckBren-Del-Win-LodgeDeloraine$6,830.00
July 2, 2020Jillian LiskBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$7,037.50
July 15, 2020Valerie TurnerRivers PCHRivers$7,185.00
July 29, 2020Hailey RusinowiczBrandon Regional Health CentreBrandon$7,485.00