Ways to Give

In Memoriam

A contribution to the Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation is a heart-felt way to honour the memory of a loved one.

When you make a memorial gift to the Foundation, a note is sent to the family informing them of your thoughtfulness, listing your name and address, but not the monetary amount of your gift.

As a Grateful Patient

Did someone or something special make a positive difference to you during your time at the Brandon Regional Health Centre? A donation to the Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation in gratitude for exceptional care received is a thoughtful way to express your appreciation. Individuals, wards, departments, etc. will be notified that you have made a donation in their name.

Two women holding a birthday cake

To Celebrate a Special Occasion

Are you preparing to host a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding or holiday gathering? In lieu of gifts, flowers or cards, donations in support of the Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation can be a wonderful alternative! You and your guests can celebrate that special day while knowing that donations to the BRHC Foundation are helping to support healthcare projects and purchases in our community.

By Hosting a Fundraiser

Donations made to the Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation through third-party fundraising are a wonderful way to support the Foundation and create fun and excitement at the same time! Whether it is raising funds by organizing a community barbecue, bake sale, golf tournament or raffle, the BRHC Foundation would be honoured to be your charity of choice. Have an idea in mind? Please contact our office.

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Through Planned Giving

A donation made to the Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation through planned giving is one of the best ways to leave a lasting legacy in your community. There are many strategies that you can employ today and in the future when it comes to supporting the BRHC Foundation. These strategies include bequests, life annuities, contributions of securities “in kind”, and many more.

Talk to your financial advisor, tax advisor, or lawyer for advice on the best way for you to make a lasting difference in the health of your community.