The Heritage Co-op Team Volunteer Incentive Program & Equity Days Donate!

Nov 7, 2022

Brenden Chudley and Dan Lange of the Brandon Heritage Co-op chose the BRHC  Foundation as their charity of choice through the Co-op Volunteer Incentive Program.  The two donations of $500 each have been designated for the Pediatric Unit. Thank you Brenden, Dan and the Heritage Co-op for your support!

The Co-op Equity Days BBQ hosted with the Memory Lanes Car Club made a donation to the BRHC Foundation Pediatric Unit from the money raised at the Equity Days BBQ. The BBQ raised a total of $481.15 for the Pediatric Unit!  Thank you to Heritage Co-op, Memory Lanes Car Club & those who supported the Equity Days BBQ.

Pictured: Grant Gillis (Memory Lanes Car Club), Jessica Brunskill (Manager Pediatrics) and Dan Lange & Brenden Chudley of Heritage Co-op