Tribute to Dr. Chris Beeston

The Emergency Department now has a portable ultrasound cardiac probe, valued at approximately $9,000, thanks to a heartfelt donation received by the Foundation in memory of Dr. Chris Beeston (January 5, 1974 to October 1, 2017). His friends, Jason Bonneteau, Michael Silver, and Dr. Norman Silver wanted to acknowledge Dr. Beeston’s incredible contribution to the patients he cared for during his time with the BRHC Emergency Department.

When cardiac patients present in the ER, this probe will provide more accurate and timely cardiac information for diagnosis and treatment. This specialized piece of equipment is “something Dr. Beeston would be most excited about”.

Dr. Beeston joined the Emergency Department in 20017 as an ER physician and became Chief of Emergency Medicine in 2012. He also worked as a Hospitalist in the last few years.